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Fezzano, a fraction of the municipality of Portovenere, is located in a small bay on the western side of the Gulf of Poets. It is an ancient fishing village with Roman roots.
The town overlooks a protected inlet which houses the small port Marina del Fezzano.
It is part of the 13 seaside villages that compete in the sea every year, every first Sunday of August, to win the traditional Palio del Golfo. About Italy holiday offers you a choice of apartments and rooms in Fezzano, with reserved parking and access to the marina and yacht club services.

How to get there

To get to La Spezia, take the A12 Genova -Livorno motorway or the A15 La Spezia/Parma. Once you have taken La Spezia exit, continue on the SP530 towards Portovenere for 6 km. The Marina del Fezzano car park is available for About Italy Holiday guests.

Fezzano can be reached by bus from La Spezia with bus line 11/P.

From the La Spezia Centrale railway station, in about 8 minutes you can walk to Via Garibaldi where you will find the stop for the 11/P bus line.

In the months of July and August, there is a regular service from Portovenere, Palmaria Island, Cadimare and Le Grazie.

The closest international airports are in Pisa and Genoa.

What to do

Fezzano is the alternative destination to the crowded Cinque Terre, an oasis of peace in a strategic position: Portovenere is 8 km away, Riomaggiore only 18 km away.
The village of Fezzano is characterized by the typical Ligurian architecture, with a narrow colored block that looks like a fortress that is interrupted from time to time to make way for the picturesque ‘carruggi’ (town narrow roads). Fezzano is also the ideal place for children who can stretch their legs in the playground and in the gardens.

The small port is made up of mobile floating docks that you can explore to observe the village from ever-changing angles. From here you can rent boats to discover the islands of the ‘archipelago Spezzino‘, to experience the unique emotion of arriving in Portovenere by sea, or go as far as the Cinque Terre.

It is said that Simonetta Cattaneo, the most beautiful woman of the Florentine Renaissance and inspiring muse of Sandro Botticelli’s Venus, was born in Fezzano, and that the horizon of the famous painting corresponds precisely with the inlets of the Gulf of Poets (formerly known as the Gulf of Venus).

What to see